Case study: zoomed product image

Adding in a zoomed product image increased revenue per visitor as a result of higher average order value. i.e. visitors bought more expensive products when there was an additional zoomed image. Background: There was (as usual) significant interaction with product images and alternate images for an apparel client. Adding in additional product images is great, but it involves more time (and cost) in the studio. By zooming in to one of the high res product images we could create another product image (almost for free) and ideally motivate customers to understand the quality in more detail. This test saw a 99% statistical significance of an increase in revenue per visitor. If we go back to “Thinking fast and slow” by Daniel Kahneman its your system 1 brain that gets excited by something (and make a judgement about a product’s attractiveness, quality, and desirability), and your system 2 brain that is slower and more analytical to help back up your thinking. This test appeals to your system 1/lizard brain by understanding the appeal of the product in more detail.

For more tips on product images I recommend 11.5 product images to test