A deluge of bland content

I don’t think there is any doubt that there is a deluge of content coming our way. AI developed videos, voiceovers and blog posts are getting better every day. Just this week, I experimented with Elevenlabs for voiceover and Koala for blog posts; they’re not perfect, but they’re above average (and super quick and cheap).
This ties into a fascinating post I read about the Age of Average. Everything is reverting towards the mean and a similar aesthetic, from books to interior design and brands to car design.
Look at the picture for this post, 25 cars that look remarkably similar but differ. It’s the result of many years of wind tunnels and groupthink. Everyone is looking at the same media, getting the same trend reports, optimising slightly and being inspired by the same content.
This is the corpus that AI is feeding on, and will continue to be inspired by.
This deluge of blandness allows us as humans to create something a little more artisanal in our content. That doesn’t mean craft beer and beards, but as the Oxford dictionary defines it, “made in a traditional or non-mechanised way.”
Embracing your weird, leaning into your foibles and trusting your different opinions to create something that is different and can’t be replicated by AI. This isn’t yet a call to arms, but it’s more of an appeal to realise your potential. I believe in your quirky human nature 🙂