Is the AI focus evenly distributed?

My AI obsession continues. Over the weekend, I chatted with my brother and friends about whether my interest in AI is just a product of my own echo chamber or a global phenomenon. To explore this, I examined the Google Trends rating for “chat gpt” in the top 10 internet nations worldwide, as well as South Africa, over the last 90 days.
Here are some key observations:
Let’s ignore China’s rating of 18, as Google is not widely used there and Chat GPT is not available.
Interest in AI is high worldwide, with some exceptions like Mexico.
These 11 countries represent 37% of the world’s internet population, making it a good proxy for the broader internet population.

Overall, my findings suggest that the AI hype cycle is far from over, and people around the world remain deeply interested in AI.
(And as an aside, I created the chart using ChartGPT, which is not yet a replacement for Excel or Sheets!)