The acceleration of AI

Last week there was an AI video of celebrities eating spaghetti, and everyone LOL’ed a how rubbish the quality was. It was rubbish, but it was very much a V1. If you look at the exponential growth of AI, the Christmas version will look like a Hollywood blockbuster. 
The WEF said in February that critical thinking skills are no longer enough. We need to learn critical ignoring:
 “Critical ignoring is the ability to choose what to ignore and where to invest one’s limited attentional capacities. Without it, we will drown in a sea of information that is, at best, distracting and, at worst, misleading and harmful.”
 With the advent of more realistic AI and the ability to quickly and easily create high-quality content, a torrent of first-rate automated content is coming our way.
 How do we keep our filters finely honed? And as we aim to communicate with customers and prospects, how do we avoid getting lumped in their critical ignore zone? Knowing their overwhelm will only increase, we need to create and nurture experiences even more carefully. It’s a new era we’re moving into, and as consumers, we’ll be even more sceptical and time-poor for brand messaging. As practitioners we’ll need to update our thinking accordingly