when 301 redirects do funny things

we’ve put a number of 301 redirects in place for our new games site (please excuse gratuitous linking:)).

what should happen is that google should see the old domain as no longer existing and redirect all traffic back to the new domain. however that isn’t happening here; it is still picking up both domains, however the meta tags that its picking up are the same for both pages and the links are going to the new site.

i’d expect that this is a blip in their indexing and would be remedied pretty soon, but it has me a little perplexed

3 replies on “when 301 redirects do funny things”

My reading on the subject suggests that it can take months for the old links to wash out of the index after 301 responses are put in place.No idea why it takes so long. Maybe it's a feature – prevent temporary glitches from permanently moving sites?I wouldn't expect it to take longer than the interval between Google's 'deep crawls'

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