Oneapp is a very cool concept. I met with them earlier today and how they encapsulated it is that it is “the appstore for feature phones”. Its a Microsoft initiative where they want to make crappy phones able to do cool stuff. You do this by downloading a thin client and they put the rest of the content in the cloud. It’ll give you the ability to have facebook, twitter (and other yet to be developed) crucial applications on your phone. Its launching through mibli, an existing application which is similar/complementary to mxit.

If you look at the below video you’ll see that it is the global launch of this application, so it’ll be intriguing to see how it progresses. To state the obvious, it seems interesting to me because there’s a hell of a lot more feature phones out there than smart phones.

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This is awesome! If u think about it its a way to tap into the older generation handset market which is a huge one. You right, opportunity for non premium games and apps for sure!Nice one! 🙂

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