clever UI

i was looking at my Linkedin inbox recently and i saw this great pop-up menu over people who have asked to connect to me. previously it used to give you the option to connect to someone or not, now it gives you a whole host of options;
1) don’t show me this person
2) i don’t know them
3) i don’t know them well enough
4) i prefer not to connect
5) other reason

this gives you the ability to nuance how you don’t know someone, as opposed to the general brushoff (i’m not sure if this sis communicated back to the other person, i’d say not). i think it would also allow you to not link to more people which should make the links that you do have more effective, and therefore linkedin more effective (or is that too tenuous an assumption?)

the benefit for linkedin is that you have more data about people’s linking behaviour, more to analyse…

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