media 24 conference

i’m headed into day 2 of the media 24 conference, and i’m pleasantly surprised at the quality and slickness of the program for an internal event.
not only do they have a very ugc conference site which details the program, gives you an opportunity to feed back on questions to ask the ceo, but also has a live twitter feed which people are encouraged to tweet whilst the cinference is ongoing.

for me yesterday had 2 highlights; the overview from the cfo about where the company is and is going (20% YOY increase in revenue after acquisitions in this climate!), and an overview (and workshop) from sophia who managed hearst digital’s mobile platforms in the us. i’ll go into more details about this, because there were a lot of things that resonated with me; how to design, what content to use, undersatnding of the user, how to sell it etc.

looking forward to day 2!

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