Zappo’s & Amazon sitting in a tree

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I decided not to be the kind of blogger that checks their rss feed, sees what is on there and then responds to something that’s in the news. Firstly, I’m not as good as the big guys out there for whom this is their bread and butter. And also it gets a little tired reading the same stories over and over.
However , rules are made to be broken 
I think Amazon acquiring Zappo’s is big news. Jeff Bezos is a smart guy ; look at SS3 and the Kindle over the last couple of years. However although I use Amazon I don’t think its too great. Their customer service is soulless and you get autoreply emails all the time that don’t actually help you. The site is awesome, but the delivery is not as great.
Although I have never bought anything from Zappo’s (just because it isn’t possible), I really think they’re doing innovative things with creating a company culture and customer centricity that wins and retains customers and staff.(read more in my fanboy essay which asks the question of they’ll be Amazon killer in 2015, I think Jeff Bezos has been reading my blog)
When they combine the two (and apparently Amazon is taking a hands off/wholly owned subsidiary approach) there are great results to be had; kickass front end customer knowledge combined with great great customer service can only be a giant killer.
Congrats Tony & Zappos
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One reply on “Zappo’s & Amazon sitting in a tree”

I've been slow out of the gates with my comment… scrap of a post been sitting on my desk for 2 days.Nice to see that you spotted these guys months ago.. I've only recently become familiar after the Amazon news broke. In future I'll be sure to read your old posts and avoid rehashing your work without knowing it!!

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