getting started on a mobile strategy

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One of the more interesting presentations I saw last week was from Sophie Stuart who runs mobile for Hearst in the US. One of the better overviews she gave was about how to kickstart your mobile strategy. This was for the neophyte (and directly focused on having a large amount of content ready to be repurposed), however I think they’re useful tips for anyone looking at mobile

• what does your user need on-the-go from your brand?
• re-edit everything into “snack-sized” pieces
• q&a, quizzes, lists, polls
• make it portable: send to a friend, response options
business model
• free to user (mobile)
• ad-supported (CPM is best – advertisers want data)
• subscription fees (digital magazines/e-readers)
• carrier relations: no exclusives, monthly promos, ad splits
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