27 dinner- jozi

i was in johannesberg visiting family and checking the town out, and thought that i would use the opportunity to meet with some of my online brethren in south africa. the 27 dinner happens on the 27th day of the month and gets together people who are interested in technology and its intersection with media; so there’s a lot of startups and people involved in the online world.

firstly i was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people there. and how friendly they were. i chatted with a lot of interesting people, from an it ngo, mobile programmers, startups and a number of interesting agencies.

to kick things off they had a q and a with microsoft for half an hour which i thought was somewhat excessive (although the microsoft rep was suitably self-depreciating about their products)

it was a good perspective into the industry though, as others have said, there’s a lot of consultants and not a lot of startups/people adding value…

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