top albums of ’08

Hercules and Love Affair coverImage via Wikipediayes i know is early, but nothing else cool is coming out this year. the albums i listened mostly to this year were either;
1) fey disco/ 80’s ripoff
2) noisy garage rock
go figure. Anyway I thought it was a pretty good year for music, I’m keen to find out what I was missing out on. My list (In no particular order)
Cut copy- in ghost colours
Mixed like one continuous tracks. Great synths, crap lyrics, perfect
Jay reatard- blood visions
Proper rock. I loved both of the other albums he made this year, but this was the first one I heard (and the rawest). The stalker song (standing there) is hilarious & chilling in under 2 minutes
Hercules & love affair- Hercules & love affair
Authentic disco is the new hip genre. This is the album that is supposedly spearheading it
Neon neon- stainless style
A concept album about the delorean with gruff from the super furry animals. Also pretty 80’s sounding with some hip pop beats.
Various- Nigeria special
There were a few of these compilations this year, this was my favourite, but it shows how much cool highlife music is out there waiting to be discovered.
No age- weirdo rippers
Punk but with swooshy drones in it. This album is less pop than the newer one, though it needs a few listens to embed itself.
Flying lotus- los angeles
This is the album that I wish prefuse 73 had made. Same glitch hop, super smooth.
Young marble giants- colossal youth
I hadn’t heard this before (I only knew hole’s cover of credit in the straight world). Post punk, girl singer- great.
Chromatics- night drive
More death disco. This was my favourite from “Italians do it better”. sad winter/twilight disco tracks.
Vivian girls- Vivian girls
Girl singers again. Simple harmonies, classic rock.
Sian alice group-59:59
Avant jazz (good genre?), lots of pianos and drones
Health- disco
I thought the health album was ok, but this remix album was banging! (can I say that when I have a child?) really great noisy electro..

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