the perfect games widget

Or at least that is the aim. The anatomy of this clock widget is different to the other in that it has practical applications for our business (games company- games widget). The aim of it is to have a link at the top on the logo which goes back to our site (this has specific anchor text which should aid for some link juice for seo, though what I read is divided about the value of it). There is a link to free stuff, which is a page where we offer free games, screensavers and other fun stuff in exchange for people registering. And there is a link to have it play in a full screen. This generates our pop-up window for the game and at the same time shows our pre-game commercial which allows us to monetize the traffic a little. We thought about having a download button on there, but I think the other buttons are more effective (not many people choose to download). In terms of results we’re pretty happy, we haven’t started promoting it, but virally it has spread pretty well.

In terms of challenges, each of the platforms has its own idiosyncrasies, which makes it challenging;
Open Social is a lovely concept, but until it is standardized that is what it will remain. It is impossible to develop one application and expect it to work across all Open Social platforms, some are on 0.7 others on 0.8 and there are specific tweaks to all of them which require bespoke attention (Hyves is the ones that we work with mainly in the Netherlands, and it has been difficult to make it work with them).

The next challenge is distribution, the dream is viral distribution. Watch this one go 
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