new clock widget

This is one of the widgets that we have recently released. We worked together with Yourminis to get it up and running and I wanted to give an overview of the strategy behind it. Our objective was threefold; to have some type of branding vehicle, to drive some traffic and to generate some SEO backlinks. Getting more data on how things fit together is also interesting. The strategy was pretty simple, we know that one of the most installed pieces of content is a clock, and we know that our users are passionate about our intellectual property, so we wanted to find a way to combine them. The default clock is one for our game Pastry Passion, and there are options to change it to two other hits of ours (however we know that 80% of people usually stick with the default).

If you look at the clock there is a linkable logo (with some SEO’d anchor text), there is a link to free stuff (our free games, screensavers and other fun stuff) as well as link to more games. Using the yourminis dashboard you can copy it to numerous different platforms (blogger, facebook, bebo, igoogle etc) and achieve the joy of viral distribution. I’ll post about the other widget we made once its live and we have some numbers about how its performing.

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