Interesting book

I read this word of mouth book a couple of years ago (but I was in hospital, so maybe it didn’t stick so well). This time I read it, and it made a whole lot of sense. Along with widgets and seo it fits into my favourite kind of web traffic- free!
The steps in the process it outlines are pretty straightforward;

Find some TALKERS
Give them a brief but enagaging TOPIC to spread
Give them some TOOLS (banners for their blog, insider info, refer a friend forms)
TAKE PART-don’t let the conversation carry on without you, offer support if it’s turning nasty, or support positive discussions
Ensure that you do TRACKING, so that you can monitor the power of what your doing and optimize your message so that you employ your resources in the best direction.

The book was really easily laid out, easy to understand and gave everything in a series that you should employ one after another. We’re going to try it, I’ll report back once I have seen the successes.