things to make you smart (and look smart)

In my ongoing search for being more efficient (and it is a tireless cause), I came across this very interesting article. It claims that instead of picking your nose/sharpening your pencil/surfing the net you should prioritise what you need to do and have a project at the top of the list that is big and hairy and has a deadline. When you inevitably don’t want to do it, instead of just chilling you should do things (which are still extremely worthy) further down the list. In this way you are still being extremely efficient whilst essentially procrastinating. it sounds simplistic, but can have major impact (or at least with me).

this article details the future of books for publishers and booksellers. There are some interesting analyses of the role of the Kindle, the long tail and publishing on demand. I think there were two other elements which I thought were particularly noteworthy;
1) he doesn’t prophesise the end of the paper book (which I agree with, I think the book will carry on as a physical entity, and it’s a guarantee that the act of reading isn’t dying)
2) communities are the future for selling books; create a community around and make your content an integrated part of it.

Its interesting to see how a product which has been unchanged for centuries have so many interesting ways of changing in the near future, and as usual we have the internet to thank J

Brickwork reportback

I said I would update you about my outsourcing to India project. Although I used one of the most reputable outsourcing companies (Brickwork) I found the results poor to say the least. I had to e-mail continually to get my project on the radar, they did the work without first quoting me on it and the quality of the analysis was poor. As a test project, I was unimpressed, and I won’t be back.

4 hour work week

i just read “the four hour work week”, and it had some very astute commentaries on how to streamline your life. i realise that i am a work drone, but this book has some interesting theories about how to make yourself more efficient; outsourcing, managing people’s expectations and empowering people to do routine things, so you don’t have to make unnecessary decisions.
i’m trialling a project with brickwork (yep outsourcing to india), step 1 to working from the beach 🙂