dear internet, i love you, warm regards- brendan

Lock-in amplifier. Stanford Research Systems S...Image via Wikipedia

I have a record collection and a love of playing records. However my technical knowledge is extremely limited in getting to grips with how to get the most of out of my system. I needed to get a new amplifier the other day and wanted something cost effective, but powerful.

The old school experience would be to ask a knowledgeable friend, read some magazines for reviews, or go into a shop and hope you don’t get hoodwinked into buying something you didn’t need that was too costly.

My experience went something like this;
1) Post a question on the whathifi forums
2) Crossreference their recommendations through other boards and sites
3) Compare prices using a comparison pricing engine
4) Buy from the cheapest
5) Track the package till it made it to my house

From Friday night’s first search to Tuesday’s delivery, I couldn’t be happier with the process.

I love you most of all internet

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