State of the blogosphere

KYOTO, JAPAN - FEBRUARY 9: Ichimame, an 19-yea...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeInteresting analysis from Technorati about blogging becoming more mainstream. I’m not so sure about that, for me when a trend is completely mainstream it mirrors the makeup of the audience. the average blogger (according to this research)is 2/3 male, university educated and been blogging for nearly 3 years.

this looks like an early adopter segment and not the mainstream. or maybe there is a predisposition for men to blog more than women (which i would find difficult to believe)
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3 thoughts on “State of the blogosphere

  1. Hmm, weird that there are fewer women bloggers (especially since we are meant to be more conversational). But look at us – you have at least two blogs. Me – none.


  2. I would have thought there were way more women bloggers. Does this research only cover business-type blogs or personal blogs too?Women spew out personal blogs all the time.


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