new google functionality

interesting new functionality which provides an extra search within a site functionality. quite interesting, but i’m not sure why it’s on Google’s site, does it allow for extra ads potentially to be served?
Update: i have spoken to Google about this, and apparently you can make yourself exempt from this process;
The site: search operator is not new to Google — it has been around for several years. The Site Search Box feature is just being made more accessible to users where Google has determined that it helps them in their search.
Ad triggering behavior has not changed either, but as the number of site: searches have increased, advertisers are noticing it more. The ads team is aware of these concerns and will determine if any changes are required.
It is possible for an advertiser to opt out of this feature, but sites can be opted back in as Google makes improvements to the feature.
I would recommend that you look at the analytics information to objectively look at the result of this feature before making a decision.
Because Google is constantly evaluating search results and making improvements, it is possible that this feature might change and reappear in the future.
There have been more opt-in requests than opt-out requests, so not all webmasters are against this feature.
It is not possible to opt-in to the feature at this time give that this feature is determined algorithmically. As we refine this feature, the sites for which it appears may change and new sites can trigger this.

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