women and internet conference

a wek or so ago was the women and internet conference UK version. I had a couple of meetings during the day so unfortunately didn’t get to see the whole program, but all in all I thought it was a great day (I am somewhat prejiduced as I headed the steering committee for the content of the day.) We had some very interesting presentations about how women’s behaviour on the web is changing, but some overall perceptions were;
1) Shopping is a key online activity
2) Women are overtaking men in online activity
3) Women use online to connect, men use it more functionally
There was a helluva lot more stats, and the above look extremely glib and surface for the depth of content and insight that there was. interestingly Rebecca from Forrester apologised that classic stereotypes were actually supported by the stats (i.e. women like shopping, men like gadgets). I have a lot of stats to pore through, but one that I found quite interesting was the way there are different levels of involvement in the web 2.0 applications (see below slide). This is a snapshot of today, so this will change over time, but it’s not as if it’s an evolution that eventually all inactives will end up as creatives. Eventually most people will be consuming media, so joiners or collectors, with the proportion in the top two remaining the same as it is today. These different segmented groups are interesting to me, as i had an assumption that we will continue to be so connected that everyone will be living their life virtually through blogs. however i saw a stat that blog use is actually waning….

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