There’s a lot of new web treats out there at the moment; tagged, twitter, jaiku, Iminlikewithyou, and I find it difficult to keep up with them (in fact I find it difficult to keep my myspace up to date). Our team is split between the uk and the nertherlands, and it’s quite difficult for everyone to know what everyone else is up to. Also in terms of team building it’s stimulating to know what everyone is doing so projects can be focused. Which is where twitter has come in. I thought it was pretty useless when I heard about it, but it’s really quite easy and fun when you have it up and running. You can link it to your mobile or your instant message, and you simply send a message to your twitter friend to update what you’re up to. It’s like a text (140 characters) so it’s not wordy or complicated, you can simply dash it off. Correspondingly when someone else updates, you get a message from your twitter instant message.
It’s too early to judge it comprehensively, but I really like it so far, it’s not big, but it is clever, and seems to solve this problem. (I think it’ll be cool for setting up with friends too, an easy way to stay in touch)

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