web 3.0

i work in online marketing, and every day i hear a lot of buzzwords and acronyms thrown around; web 2.0, cpm/c/l, ppc, ctr, voip, ugc etc etc etc. this gives us a handy members club to keep us feeling superior and keep outsiders guessing. however, all these mask is an an asttempt to understand how to meaningfully communicate and persuade through a specific medium. that hoary old chectnut of marshall mcluhan’s that the medium is the message is extremely pertinent, it’s finding the specific ways that people interact with the medium, and then utilising the tools you have to communicate it’s not whether it’s through myspace, an e-mail or a google click that you communicate with people it’s how you communicate and how well you understand the elements that make up the medium. that’s quite a manifesto for a first post, but worry not this is not a metaphysical tract. what you can expect is my 2c on changes in the online market and learnings that i have found…

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