digg the power of the people

I read about the furore surrounding digg and people posting the decription key for hd/dvds. Digg were asked to remove the links to it by a large nameless corporation, and complied. This incensed Digg users and they proceeded to digg the story incessantly till it overtook the homepage, which resulted in some account erasals and even IP’s being banned . However, the complaints that people made overwhelmed the Digg management, and they had to capitulate and leave the article up.
To me that it the most exciting internet story of the year. There is a lot of talk about “people power”, social networking and the user being in charge, and this really shows it. If you try to harness what people’s interests are and provide this kind of service, you can’t then police them and curb what they were doing (and its not like this decryption key wasn’t already in Wired and elsewhere on the web)