2 sides of the experimentation coin

I’m blessed to see two sides to the experimentation coin. 
With Now Novel, we have a scrappy team with limited resources. The path to testing requires little negotiation and process. It also means that there are fewer tests you can do due to the smaller team, and with less traffic and data, it is harder to get conclusive results.
With my consulting work, I create testing and validation frameworks that impact large businesses at scale. There are UX and UI designers, numerous developers and many data sources to corroborate and validate our direction. We have processes around sharing results, meetings and collaborations across teams. 

Despite all the differences, the basic principles of testing hold firm:
-research and understand challenges
-Formulate a falsifiable hypothesis
-Test it
– Analyse and learn from what you did

The scientific method worked for Isaac Newton, it works for Google and it works for Now Novel 🙂