Quick customer insights hack


Retention is a big initiative at Now Novel at the moment and I’ve been looking at speaking to paying users to understand motivation and how to improve our onboarding process.

I have been sending the below message through Intercom to paying customers of our non-coached programs to try and speak to them. They get the opportunity to schedule a meeting with me on Calendly and then we chat.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 08.44.15

  • Its been very effective for a set it and forget it process (and more effective as an email than as an in-app message).My agenda is very loose for these calls:
    • I introduce myself
    • understand their challenges/progress
    • explain the product (while trying not to upsell too much đŸ™‚ )
    • let them know they can always get in touch


    Its been very useful and I’m going to continue doing it. It really connects with people that you’re making the effort to speak in person (which isn’t particularly scaleable, but its nice to make the offer anyway). You understand where the gaps are in your onboarding process (we have a couple of features which aren’t as obvious to find, and it seems people aren’t finding them), and you can get feedback from people who are motivated but are finding inconsistencies in the process.

    It’s also fun speaking to a wide range of different people with different backgrounds and motivations. We had a lawyer who purchased in Cape Town/up the road from me, so I went in and spent some time with him in his office rather than speak on the phone.

    In terms of a continuous feedback loop, this is an easy and recommended process.