Now Novel

Since i left DSTV/Naspers I have been focussing my efforts on developing Now Novel. Now Novel is a guide to writing a book; essentially a “WordPress for novel writing”. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a book; with an overview of how to find your idea, hone your idea till you like it, and then develop the character, plot and setting around it. It also provides you with the motivation and structure to plough through the tough grind of getting your book written.

The initial idea came from my sister who wrote a novel a few years back and had it published here and in the US. People kept on harassing her on how she did it and she created a pdf guide on how to write your novel. From this basis we’ve been creating a course that seems like it will be useful.

We’ve been following the lean startup methodology, to try and verify as many assumptions as possible before we build version 1 of the product. We’re so lean in fact that in addition to my sister and i doing the product work, i have enlisted my wife to do the development (unfortunately my kids are still too small for customer service…)

We launch version 1 in June, watch this space for more updates

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