ebookers fail

I got up at 5 this morning to go to the airport;
We had a day flight from cape town via London to Amsterdam, booked a hotel and schipol and then a flight first thing tomorrow with easyjet to geneva for snowboarding. Unfortunately there was no plane waiting for me this morning. Ebookers had neglected to send me an email to say that they were rescheduling the flight to this evening. Which means that my hotel and flight to geneva are currently wasted expenses. Apparently they mailed me four times in july and once in august (i checked to see if maybe i had a delusional month and didn’t remember this important detail), but they didn’t (and i’m sure ebookers ensures they’re on every email whitelist possible)

So this is an exercise in seeing how closely ebookers pays attention to social media. I’ve twittered about it, and asked my colleagues to retweet it, and this post is to compound that….
I’ll keep you updated if anyone contacts me to sort it out.

UPDATE So today i have spent 2 hours and 4 phonecalls with ebookers. They said they sent the mails informing me of the change and as such couldn’t do anything to help (even though they never rescheduled our connecting flights). Someone has got a hold of me from on twitter but hasnt got back to me yet.

7 replies on “ebookers fail”

The most obvious proof of their fail is the fact they ignored the advice from British Airways to either reschedule our connecting flight or issue a partial refund.What that means is that our connecting flight leaves before our first flight…

This is a typical business-consumer issue (which we have encountered before). They say they sent you communications, but you say you didn't receive it. Unfortunately for us, the consumers, there is no way to prove your case, while they can… business 2.0 will definitely improve on this and in the meantime, now we are back in ZA, it's travel start the *whole* way…hold your thumbs for bon voyage!!

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