new twitter spam

so i’ve stopped following the polite practise of autofollowing someone if they follow me on twitter. there is a lot of crap out there, and i suffer through enough already without having to plough through unneccesary spam. my modus operandi is to search through people’s bio, if that appeals and their first page of tweets appeal then i’ll follow. and then mildred bowler followed me today,
at first i thought it was relevant (she wrote something about search engines), but then looking a little further i saw that each tweet was random. and as i looked through the first couple of pages i saw that every so often they had a tweet about making money through taking surveys.

And there is the secret of it; interspersed with the random/normal tweets (which i’m assuming they suck in from different people’s twitter feeds), they plug in an ad of theirs. you’re not going to unfollow them because they’re a russian bride or some definite spam (and because of the wide cross section that they display, something will appeal every now and again). very so often someone will click on one of their surveys links and they make money. elegant spamming…

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