Putting your brand into the wild

Zynga is one of the top social games developers out there with revenues of $100MM annually (or so they say). They’re as web 2.0 as you can get (their games are developed for social networks) so it would stand to reason that they’re active on twitter and the other networks. Only problem being that their customer service is not supposed to be that great, and people do complain about it. I was on their site the other day and they have a live link of what people are saying about them on Twitter. 3 out of the 9 newest comments were complaining about their customer service and lack of attention to this.

This is something that they need to address. I understand; a buggy game with vast amounts of users that don’t monetize well =customer service nightmare (you can’t afford to get everyone the love they expect). But that’s why twitter and the web are such great tools. they could set up a specific twitter account for customer service/bugs, and aggregate the information to inform how to better improve their product. They can inform from there how they understand things are buggy and will work on making it better. It’s a tough job, but a necessary one to stop alienating their users

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