5 hypotheses (and results) for getting blog traffic

I say that writing this blog is all about sharing my brain, and promoting my personal brand, but at the same time it’s a bit of an ego trip. I like to know that you’re all out there listening to me rant.

So how do I ensure do I ensure there is more and more of you coming to my site on a regular basis? I decided to test a couple of hypotheses and from there to see how to leverage.

Hypotheses 1:
Comment on other relevant blog posts, and link back to your own post.
This is the one that really worked well for me. I used my post on iphone marketing (which I humbly think was pretty good), did a couple of searches and commented on the posts and presentations (on slideshare)with a link to my blog post. This brought me a huge amount of traffic (proportionally) as it went on a few blogs and they sent traffic back to me. I will continue to use this in the future, I think it was so effective because there isn’t a lot written about this niche, and I found the right people to seed it with, however this is a consistent method of getting

Hypotheses 2:
Use twitter to promote it
Its Ok. I do get traffic from twitter, and I announce some posts from Twitter. But (through my own choice) I don’t reciprocate/mutual friend everyone, and I don’t actively try and recruit people. So compared to the 50 odd people I have following me it’s a decent conversion.

Hypotheses 3:
Syndicate your content and try to get profile (and traffic) through that
OK-ish. I posted an article/recycled a blog post for the Tech Leader board. It was read by 514 people, and I got 9 visits from it. I was expecting more frankly.

Hypotheses 4
Use your family to blog-roll you
Better than expected. Its consistent and bubbles under, even though people are coming from different genres (creative writing/literary tourism/crafts). I’ll try and ensure a higher profile or get more of my family to start blogging 

Hypotheses 5
Put your blog everywhere in your profile (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, signature etc)
Ho-hum. I was expecting more from these too, but it seems that my profile is not looked at as often as I would have expected.

So, number one is the one that works (at a scale of at least 10x the combined others) in terms of driving decent traffic to your site. Any other options you can recommend?
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