top brands on twitter

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I saw a list of brands, mentions and their followers on twitter, and i found it pretty shocking.
starbucks at the top is quite impressive, 3.37MM mentions and Google with 307,342 followers is also OK.
But if you think about them in a little more detail I’d expect that half the Starbucks mentions are along the lines of “waiting in line at…”, so its not huge brand coversions by brand ambassadors that are happening. Similarly for Google 300,000 people following them isn’t that huge. Lots of people should be keen to have the pearls of wisdom from Google’s lips (or at least more than a third of those who want to hear what Ashton had for breakfast)

Simialrly after the top 5 you’re looking at 245,000 brand mentions and 1,000 followers for Amazon. This would lead me to believe that there isn’t a huge market for brands to be present on Twitter. Within 140 characters its perhaps too challenging to fit in descriptions of brand interactions, or else this is the kind of information that people dont share on Twitter.

This leads me to think that focussing on Twitter as a channel to be on your media plan may be somewhat premature. I think the things that Federated Media are doing with Twitter are pretty cool (having top CEO’s twitter through a specific sponsored channel), perhaps we’ll see more innovations like thisRelated articles by Zemanta

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