Twitter- the case study end

Twitter with Oprah 1209 tweetsImage by adria.richards via Flickr

I started on my refound Twitter adventure before Oprah kicked in with her first Tweet (though my experiment was arguably a more momentous occasion). I was determined to either discount Twitter completely or being a rabid twitaholic in my 6 week trial. Through this process I got swamped by spammers, got bored by the lack of tangible application, and have slowly started getting swayed.

I actually quite like Twitter after I weeded all the wheat from the chaff. I get to hang out with some family (@bridgetmcnulty) some old friends I don’t see often enough (@luapk ; @astepney ), some old colleagues (@nomonkeys, pebblebug ) and get to get some quick updates from people I respect within the industry (including some smart people I didn’t know existed)

In short, I use it and post once/twice a day, and give it a quick scan to see if there’s anything interesting going on. I think it becomes more useful when you post photos or updates from your phone as well, so I intend to do this (as I always enjoy looking at other people’s photos.)

At the beginning of putting some effort into twitter I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but I enjoy it for the real time/small touch aspect of it. In addition I like the @ function, like Im- but not as disruptive. Like I said before, add your twitter below and I’ll follow you. I know Twitter is a divisive point, what do you think?Related articles by Zemanta

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