Twitter overload

As part of my Twitter refresh I had a chat over lunch to 2 people who I know (in meatspace) and communicate with on Twitter about how I wasn’t getting as much joy from Twitter as I would like to.

@no_monkeys had the following to share;
1) follow people you actually know
2) follow people who’s bio appeals to you (he’s an iPhone developer)
3) unfollow people who update 80 times a day
4) follow people who post in English

I think these are pretty relevant pointers, however I have exceptions to the rule already;
1) I’m interested in following marketing/web people, however every web geek worth their salt is on twitter, so there is a huge volume of crap if I use the rule of following anyone who has social media in their bio
2) unfollow people who update 80 times a day is a good rule. I will do it, except with people like guy Kawasaki (when does he find the time to continue tweeting relevant stuff)

That’s about it, I’ve added my cousin to my list, and removed a lot of other random people. Let’s see how this tweets me (sorry, I couldn’t resist)
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