Twitter fixation

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

My six weeks of twitter is happening and I’m firmly ensconced in my twitter life. I’ve been looking for people I know, modifying my twitter page (that picture is a bunny chow by the way), and reading furiously about it.
two quick observations;
1) people cleverer than me are really raving about twitter. Jason from mahalo has been offering $250k and then $500k to own the sponsored link for questions (he did the math that with his expected acquisition costs he would make money out of it)
2) Guy Kawasaki highlighted a great tool called Twitterhawk which allows you to isolate people who are talking about your product. You can then send an automated tweet to them advertising your product. This is basically a CPC/Adwords type version of using Twitter, it can be frequency capped to a certain person, so it seems to be a “fairly” relevant inobtrusive way of messaging to people.
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