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In MotionImage by Azchael via FlickrI had an interesting experience recently with one of our new partners, which I found posed an interesting question about what business ethics. We are in the first month of working with this media buying agency, so they are in the process of proving themselves. At the same time they approach someone on my team to offer them a role at their company. The first I heard of it was from this employee explaining the new opportunity/proposal he was examining.

This made me angry, but not with the employee, but towards this agency. To me this is short sighted from this company, I would never sanction this kind of action, especially when you are providing a service. Its not in the business development handbook; wining/dining/poaching employees

My approach was twofold;
1) to inform the employee of the opportunities that still remain within the company
2) to phone our agency, give them a bollocking and ask/tell them to remove the offer

it worked, but that is a relationship that is flawed as a result of their behaviour. how would you have dealt with the situation?

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One reply on “business ethics”

I think you definitely did the right thing. It must have been tempting to get angry and deal with it rashly, but your approach ensures that, on the surface at least, you can continue working with the agency.What a stupid move on their part, though! Of all the places they could have tried to poach employees from…

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