wii is me- a customer service opportunity

(first off apologies for the awful pun)

Ninetendo missed a great opportunity with me. My wii broke within 1 year of purchasing it. I sent it back, and the unfortunately the fan wasn’t covered by the warranty, but they could replace it for a third of the price of a new one. we hadn’t been overly careful with it, so wasn’t too perturbed about having to pay this reduced amount. Last night we went to go and pick it up from the post office and on the way we were excited about getting it back; which games were we going to play first, who was the best player, how the TV was a thing of the past. We had a “kid at Christmas” feeling about the magical wii and what our friends at Ninetendo were going to send us.

And when we got the wii it was stuck in a box with polystyrene chips, with our customer service letter taped to it. They didn’t have a personal note, a n overview of upcoming titles they were launching, no free game, no coupon for money off our next game, no invitation to join the wii club, nowhere to access your saved games and mii’s from our old machine. These are a couple of ways to make us a little more engaged with the product. They missed a golden opportunity to tie us in forever, we are obviously interested, we shelled out money again for a second wii, but at a time when our interest was highest they didn’t capitalize on it.

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