me vs teh internets

The internet has become so woven into my lifestyle that I cant think of a time when it wasn’t part of what I do (and I got shocked the other day when friends explained that their only ecommerce activity had been buying books from amazon,this is 2008 even my mom does that).
What these and the successive blog posts will be looking at is how I use the internet within my life. in using a first person case study I hope to celebrate the success stories, and hopefully find gaps. Maybe the gaps i uncover are only small enough that it would be a market for 1,or maybe there aren’t any gaps.
In order to understand the market you need to understand the target audience, so I’ll create a persona, lets call him brendan;
He is a dinky, (ie double income no kids yet), he is post graduate educated, earns a decent salary, drives a car, owns his house, is married, lives in a city and works full time.
Interests are food, music, running, reading and the internet. as these are his/my passions, it stands to reason that internet time will be most well spent in these areas. I’ll go into a little more detail on these areas in posts to come, firstly starting with music.

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