Google vs Viacom

The size of the Viacom claim for its content on Gootube seems to be somewhat excessive ($1billion). Its an interesting faceoff though, old media flexing their muscles to discipline a new channel which has no regard for their rights. At some stage Viacom is going to have to realize that they can’t stand in the way of this new type of distribution channel, look at how the users of Youtube continue to grow exponentially each month. In fact I believe it’s not a competitor for their content, in fact it’s complementary, by whetting people’s appetite for the real deal. People have a different way of consuming content on Youtube compared to how they watch a movie or DVD. Youtube is like snacking between meals, it doesn’t supplant your regular meals, but it keeps you going until then and introduces you to flavours you never knew you liked. Nonetheless someone is looking to set a precedent, and this case (if it isn’t just a strongarm negotiation technique) will demonstrate how copyrighted content is regulated on the web.

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