Experiment-driven growth consulting

Using a deep understanding of your customer’s motivations and behaviours and validating the opportunities through testing to improve your website, user onboarding and overall monetization.

Hi, I’m Brendan McNulty

I’ve been running growth and CRO programmes for the last 11 years, with a particular focus on ecommerce.

In addition I’ve launched my own startups and continue to improve Now Novel through testing and growth frameworks. Get in touch to discuss your challenges.

I’ve helped improve revenues and growth for the following organisations:

Practical application of my skills:

As the founder of Now Novel I wear many hats; founder, product manager and growth. Understanding cost effective methods and frameworks to acquire, nurture and help customers is my main task. A personal sandbox to test ideas allows me to practise my ideas without others feedback.

How you’ll get help to grow


Understand your customers through qualitative and quantitative research methods. We want to find out where they struggle on your site, what causes friction and what motivates them.


Validate these insights through hypothesis, testing, analysis and iteration. Increase revenue and understand your customers better.

How you’ll see results

Find your growth opportunities with a conversion diagnostic

Your audit will get you a quick understanding of your customer’s interactions and opportunities for optimization. You’ll get a high-impact understanding of the major challenges and a roadmap for fast conversion wins.

What’s included

  • Bespoke surveys to uncover challenges and uncover motivators
  • Review of user journey, where are the challenges?
  • Inventory feedback from qualitative sources to find challenges
  • End-to-end moderated usability testing and interviews
  • Prioritised audit of challenges and research-backed tests and improvements

Start Improving Your Business Today

Need assistance with finding challenges, implementing and validating? We’ll start researching immediately to understand your biggest opportunities and guide you every step of the way